The Czech Handbook

A community project calling for submissions from Czech Americans and expatriates to share what makes them distinctly Czech. The Czech Handbook is a digital (for now) book developed byCzechs in America Org. (CIAO). It will befree and accessible and on the internet for students, teachers, scholars, and the general public.

What's Inside?

The Czech Handbook consists of a collection of publicly added biographical entries focused on the entire history of Czechs in America from the first Czech that arrived here to the memories s/he left behind. It's a cultural document which aims to answer the question, what does it mean to be Czech. Entries emphasize the role Czech played in state, national, and world history. But also, entries can be historical stories, quirky personality traits, love for certain foods, mushroom hunting, mannerisms, humor, etc. The goal is to create a “Czech profile” of Czech people in a fun way, uniting us by our cultural heritage.

What they're saying

It's a great idea to take our collective experiences and share them in one book. Your work and dedication keep our heritage alive here in the United States and I'm happy to submit a story to this project.

Vera N., Writer & Mom

This book will surely open the eyes to the joy of living our Czech heritage. I cannot wait to read all of the stories from all the Czech Americans that grew up in the USA. It's exciting to be a part of it.

Gabby M., Retired

All of your ideas and projects show how dedicated you are to preserving Czech culture, history and traditions. I'll be happy to add my story as a 4th generation Czech whose parents lived in Nebraska.

David T., Retired Teacher

About CIAO

Czechs in America Organization (CIAO) is working to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to fostering the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of Czech culture and history.

We exist to preserve, promote, and support efforts to perpetuate the Czech culture, history, customs, and traditions in the United States. CIAO is for anyone who wants to learn more about Czech Culture and Heritage.

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Submissions to the Czech Handbook

CAIO continuously expands the Czech Handbook through year-round call for submissions from Czechs and Czech Americans worldwide. Our hope is that the Czech Handbook will serve as a look into Czech culture, history, and life.


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Budget for the Czech Handbook

Proposed Budget    $3,630

Domain Name—30 (annual)

Hosting—included in CIAO

Mailing List—included in CIAO

Staff time for development—1,200 (one-time)

Staff time for maintenance—2,400 (annual)


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