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Good Czech Food

Good Czech Food – An open-community project that seeks to educate about Czech culinary history, specialties, recipes, and food culture. We currently have an open call for Czechs and Czech Americans to share their favorite foods, recipes, traditions, preparations, holiday customs, and so on. Parts of this ever-growing document will be turned into slide shows, videos, and books.

Czech Flavors

Czech Republic has a very traditional meat-and-potatoes cuisine, with dishes heavy on gravies and root vegetables.

Czech lands served as a crossroad to other European countries, thus other culinary influences arrived from allover (mostly Eastern) Europe.

Start with Soup

Lunch - the Main Course

Sweet endings

Submissions to Good Czech Food

CAIO is currently compiling Good Czech Food and we are having a call for submissions from Czechs and Czech Americans worldwide. Our hope is that Czech Good Food will serve as a look into Czech culinary culture, history, and life.

Budget for Good Czech Food

Proposed Budget—$4,530

Domain Name—30 (annual)

Hosting—included in CIAO

Mailing List—included in CIAO

Staff time for development—1,500

Staff time for maintenance—3,000

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