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About the Czech Chamber

The Czech North American Chamber of Commerce (CNACC)was established in Boston, Massachusetts on October 28, 1998. The creation of the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture Inc. was preceded by the Canada-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce, establishedafter the fall of communism and the “Velvet revolution“ in former Czechoslovakia. Originally, the activities of the organization involved establishing commercial tiesbetweenCzechoslovakia, Canada and the United States.

.In the fall of 2007, after the opening of offices by Czech governmental trade agencies in the US and Canada, the Czech North American Chamber of Commerce waslooking for a new direction. It has found it in focusing on promotion andco-ordination of Czech cultural activities in North America. The organization,at this pointrenamed The Czech- North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture Inc., has created a unique website, which informs Americans and Canadians of Czech heritage about incoming cultural events, specifically about tours, performances and exhibitions of Czech artists coming over the Atlantic to North America.

Lubomir J. Novotny entrusted the Chamber to us. This site is created in his honor, and to continue his vision for connecting Czechs in the Americas.

Czech Chamber Overview

The United States and Canada have the largest Czech expatriate communities in the world. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, there are some 3 million persons living in North America who share Czech and Slovak heritage.

The website of the Czech Embassy in Washington lists more than 163 Czech related organizations in the US. In Canada, there are 37 Czech organizations. Many of them include persons of Slovak origin as well.

There are currently over 200 clubs and organizations.

There is not a current method to measure for Czech businesses, restaurants, services, and so on.

The Czech Chamber will be an online directory where Czech American's can upload their club, organization, business, or service by city, county, and state. As a part of this directory, we will be able to have an accurate measure of what Czechs in the America's are doing and Czechs can support the efforts of their compatriots.

While this is a service for people, businesses, and services, the other site,, will be much the same in terms of a directory, except it will focus on events happening in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This site will be a directory for concerts, fairs, performances, lectures, educational seminars, trips, sporting events, group gatherings, and so on.

Both sites fall under the umbrella of our pending/upcoming non-profit organization.

Planned Czech Chamber Directory

Uniting Czechs in America

The directory will be searchable by city, state and general location allowing for connection between Czechs.

Strengthen Local Community

Czechs will discover other 'local' Czechs near them and support their businesses and services while growing their own.

Provide Resources

The directory will act as a resource and database for connecting Czechs to each other and in daily life in America.

Proposed Strategy for Czech Chamber

Our goal is to help Czech people to remember and celebrate their shared experiences, traditions, identities, struggles, and aspirations as being Czech expatriates.Offering a Czech Chamber directory will assist in building and sustaining a sense of Czech community, which is our primary objective with this project.

Whether this directory will provide a place for neighbors to meet on the streets and corners they share, in their local businesses, or by patronizing the services of Czech workers. We hope to inspire Czechs to gathers to observe important holidays, or when they celebrate their historic, musical, or food traditions. Such connection may inspire immigrants to organize locally to teach their history and values to the next generation of young people. Knowing your close neighbors are Czech will bring people together to celebrate and honor their Czech culture, history and traditions.

As a service to the Czech community, and to allow for access to all Czechs in America, our mission is to make the Directory free. However, there are numerous expenses in the creation, maintenance, and upkeep of such a vast database.

We have applied for Fiscal Sponsorship while we are raising funds for the formation of a 501 (c)(3) corporation. We will know the status of our application in late November, 2022.

Meanwhile, we are accepting donations for this project and have set up a specific fund, but your donation will not be tax-deductible at this time.You may view our proposed budget and can donate below.

Our Mission

To connect Czechs living in the United States, Canada and Mexico with one another, empowering them to maintain and support their Czech culture and heritage and support each others connection through patronizing businesses and utilizing services.

Proposed Budget for Czech Chamber

The proposed budget for the creation of this directory is as follows:

Domain Name30 (annual)

Hosting   378 mo x 12 = 4536 (annual)

Mailing List   72 mo x 12 = 864 (annual)

Directory Theme400 (one time)

Directory Software659 (annual)

Staff time for development 1200 (one-time)

Advertising   1000 (annual)

Staff time for weekly maintenance: 10,200 (annual)

Total Start-Up Budget$ 18,889.00

Total Annual Budget$ 17,269.00

This directory called Czech Chamber will not act as a Chamber of Commerce in the legal sense as that would not allow this entity to fall under the umbrella of our non-profit. There are plans for the sales of enhanced listings, feature listings, full page listings, and so on which will be offered on a cost basis. The proceeds of any type of upsells in membership or listing will go back into the operating budget on the Chamber directory, thus we foresee the annual budget being partially covered by these projected proceeds.

Donate Today

Your donation is not tax-deductible at this time but will be allotted towards the formation of our non-profit and for the creation of this resource being built for Czechs in America. Thank you in advance for your support.